Format: Book (The Photos in a Filed Document) – Representation

Attending the field trip to Madrid gave me a true insight to what the Spanish culture was like and what the people were like. I had a real taste of what Spain had… Continue reading

Images and Initial Thoughts On Presentation

These are not final images but somewhat a concept idea of what the final ones would be like and how they are shown. I have made these images with quite unusual crops intentionally.… Continue reading

Figure 2 – Missing

The power a photograph is represented through its colours and title can change the way the viewer reads the image. The research I have done on Joel Sternfeld has influenced me on my… Continue reading

Evidence Page 2 – Ephemera

‘Ephemera –¬†collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity’ To me ephemera has not one but a few meanings. In this case, as a crime scene investigator ephemera… Continue reading

John Hilliard

A Tumblr post by Chloe North mentions that cropping an image is a ‘way of changing and influencing the way someone sees it.’ She showed us an example of the concept through a… Continue reading

Session 5 (Storyteller, Participant, Storylisteners)

PHONAR It’s not the ‘subject’ in the photography triangle anymore, rather the ‘participant’ For Session 5 of Phonar, we listened to two different case studies – they were two separate conversations between Jonathan… Continue reading

Case Study 07 – Genet Kidane

‘An illegal immigrant who murdered his ex-lover by pushing her 30ft from a bridge had already been deported from Britain three times.’ The narration was strong and kept your attention. The way the… Continue reading

Photography as evidence – What is Documentary? – Anthony Luvera

On Thursday 16th we had a lecture from Anthony Luvera who talked to us about What is Documentary in Photography as evidence Here are the notes I took down: recording of a moment… Continue reading

Session 3 (15th Oct)

Session 3 was my first time attending the Phonar open classes within the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) run by senior lecturer Jonathan Worth. It’s on every Wednesday with an early start of… Continue reading

Archival Studies

‘We see a photograph but experience an image.’ – Fred Ritchin (author of Bending The Frame) When an image is observed as an outsider, they start to dissect it section by section picking… Continue reading