American Night – (Digital Media – Work/Rest/Play)

Paul Graham – American Night Having looked into the works of Paul Graham, his project titled ‘American Night,’ depicts an unstable social equality and imbalance of American culture and life. What to have and… Continue reading

Picbod Task Four – Relationships; Fixed and Fluid – Between Three Natures (Task Four 22/01/2015)

This weeks task given was titled Relationships; fixed and fluid “Relationships are titled (Mother, Father, Niece, Friend, Lover, Hometown, Prey,) but these categories tell us so little about the intricacies and nuances of relationships… Continue reading

Designing a webpage using Dreamweaver CC – Part One

These posts are sectioned in parts to hopefully document my progress on Dreamweaver CC. I am creating my photography webpage from scratch. Having not chosen any templates gives me complete freedom. Working on… Continue reading

Peter Hirshberg: The web is more than “better TV”

-How the computer ambushed the television television is important but not necessary computer better than tv but why computer before tv, ‘nowadays we have programmes on the computer’ uneasy relationship between tv and tech business Ick… Continue reading

Further Picbod Research – Shizuka Yokomizo, Strangers (1998-2000)

Shizuka Yokomizo – Dear Stranger I really liked the works of Yokomizo because of how she has engaged with her subject in her series titled ‘Strangers.’ She would post a note to the house… Continue reading

Picbod Session 2 – Conversations; Record and Stimuli – Ahmed Amer (Task Three 15/01/2015)

We started our second session with discussions about how the change in approach and connection with the subject (or more appropriately considered a collaborator/participant) can further alter the way we make our images and… Continue reading

Continuation from Mechanical Montage (TASK TWO)

Having researched into the works of Hollie Chastain, I was inspired and engaged in her works with scape of different materials and papers and drawings and collated the images into one piece and… Continue reading

Picbod 2015 – Introductory Session and Mechanical Montage (Task Two 08/01/15)

Identity; constructed and complex  We started off the first #Picbod session of 2015 on the 8th January and no surprise it has already been on it’s heels. This module gives us the confidence… Continue reading

Self Portrait – Picbod Task One (Pre Session Task)

For the preparatory task which was to create a self portrait, my initial response was to do something with the use of false identities. To look into the creation of a new character… Continue reading

Illusion, Trickery and Propaganda

Internet Hoax/Touched-Up Photos Photographs of Justin Bieber who modelled for branded underwear Calvin Klein have just hit the internet and moments later ‘’ have shared their version, the alleged ‘untouched image.’ The purpose of this… Continue reading