Picbod – Progression

After having spoken to Ahmed Amer for the weekly task, I have been revisiting him and keeping in touch talking to him about his experiences and life changing moments as I was so immersed… Continue reading

Martin Usborne – ‘I’ve Lived in East London for 86 1/2 years’

‘I’ve Lived in East London for 86 1/2 years’ is a project by Martin Usborne which documents the current life of Joseph Markovitch. At aged 86 nearly 87, Markovitch lived in Hoxton, East London,… Continue reading

Picbod – Digital Media, Maps and Networks, Creative Commons and Public Domain

Inspired by Digital Media lecturer Mez Packer and her research on maps and networks (shown on her flickr page) I began looking into the maps of Libya and location of Zawiyah in relation… Continue reading

Metadata – Play (work, rest, play)

Metadata – Play (work, rest, play) For my set of images in the ‘Play’ category, I wanted to picture an image in text format. Although this is very basic, it is very interesting… Continue reading

After My Self Portrait – Research Ideas – Ryan Mcginley

After having completed week five and the fifth task for Picbod where I did a nude self portrait that showed two different positions in the mind however both settled in the environment, I continued my research… Continue reading


  Fonts are not all web safe. This means that some fonts are not recognised by every user in the world of online and the internet. I currently am using a font called… Continue reading

Text and Image Combination – David Rule

David Rule who works primarily with image and text is an artist who challenges and plays around with our contextual and visual formats of perception. I began looking at his works at http://www.davidrule.co.uk and for initial… Continue reading

Picbod Task Five – Further Research – The Mind and Settled (Task Five 29/01/2015)

Further research into this weekly task Julia Kozerski titled ‘Half.’ The work looks into self consciousness and her personal issues of bodyweight; how we represent ourselves when we are in our own spaces and… Continue reading


Initial Research: various different photographers and artists Richard Misrach and Kate Orff – Petrochemical America Petrochemical America, a project collaboration between Misrach and Orff displays the photographs from Misrach’s series ‘Cancer Alley.’ The photobook delves into… Continue reading

Emma Critchley

At first it was rather uncomfortable to watch. Yet it was peaceful as we sit and gaze at the subject who is underwater and cannot breathe we start to feel like we’re absorbed… Continue reading