Assignment One – ‘A Travel without Visual Experience’

Pak Sheung Chuen known for his rather unusual ideas on life and capturing photographs, has explored into many different techniques to challenge the way we interpret the world and how we should or… Continue reading

What is a photograph? FRI 11 OCT

Note taking is key during lectures. Ideas can be received and shared within the class. Today is Friday 11th October and our lecture is focussing on the topic ‘What is a photograph?’ Colour… Continue reading

Greater Than The Whole

‘Produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily portrayed in its entirety with one single frame.’ For this brief I knew I had to find a location that was interesting… Continue reading

Good/Bad Photographs

To me this picture has a lot of meaning behind the content and subject matter. Firstly the children seem to be running away from life as if they cannot miss something of great… Continue reading

Assignment One – Initial Ideas

Encountering Culture My first idea was to think about what items of clothing do people wear that acts on our society as pressures of provocative behaviour. Considering whether a style of fashion, natural or… Continue reading

Assignment Two

So I began my main initial intensive research on Robert Adams within the library. For a presentation on more about the photographer’s work than the photographer himself, I knew exactly where to begin… Continue reading

Summer Project Task Three – Stephen Ma’s Letter To Self

Dear Stephen, For me it really is time to move on further. Seven whole years at Tring School has been enough and quite a ride. The feeling of moving away to University though… Continue reading

Summer Project Task Two – Practical

What I used to see every morning I woke up for almost 18 years. I used to always get up out of bed on the left side, but now at University I have… Continue reading

The Brand New Topographics

The ‘New Topographics’ was an exhibition held by William Jenkins. It consisted of work from a group of 10 photographers. They were students that William Jenkins had chosen to set out and photograph… Continue reading