Having researched into this archive of photographs that weren’t taken, I was inspired at how the text can mean equally as much as an image forming a resemblance of one’s memory and visualisation of a scene. The text mimics the photograph as a replacement. It can be metaphorically considered as placeholder text for the missing photograph. This tied into the research of David Rule I was encountering who did countless studies and works based on a combination/balance between text and images.

  • Below are examples of them:

Each and every block of text started with ‘This is the picture I did not take’

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 15.35.25


These texts were interesting because they described vivid lustrous images/photographs that were only once a picture within their memory. The person who had the vision of the image imprinted in their mind can only share it by visually translating it into text by making assumptions or depictions of everything within the frame.