Kodak Portra 400

KodakPortra400-120_grandeHaving shot everything on black and white 120 film, I did consider and shot in colour (120 Kodak Portra) along the way as initially I wanted to shoot predominantly in colour. This film had to be sent off and processed which I knew was going to be a while, so they didn’t take part in any of this current project of ‘After West Mountain.’ They were shot on my Rolleiflex 6006 ‘6×6’

They will be considered for project ‘X’ or possibly ‘Before West Mountain.’ Not much progress has been done as that is a separate project aside but in reference and relation to the current project they show visually what Ahmed is a part of in this country. A home of safety and protection. These images showed the spaces he occupied in and around the house he has moved into from Libya. For me they help visualise his situation and location.

Here are just some test prints that were made when I got the film developed. In the next couple of days I will be scanning them in for the future project but for Picturing the Body and now there is no particular need. I didn’t include any of these images in the current book because they would have overcomplicated the meaning and message of the conversations. Possibly a version 2 will be made of ‘After West Mountain.’

They look vivid and rich in colours which I prefer and will work with them after this project is finished.

IMG_3751 FullSizeRender