Picbod Vlogs

As part of mine and a fellow classmate Jonathan Bark’s research process in this module titled Picbod (Picturing the Body), throughout the whole process and weekly tasks we documented our journey in vlogs that were posted onto Youtube. We would quite literally create entertaining roughly 5-10 minute videos which stimulated us to think more about what we got out of the weekly sessions. We would refer to our notes and share our personal thoughts which allowed us to give our interpretation and feedback on what good research we’ve come across as a class. We’d briefly reflect upon each task discussing about tearandshare, artist research, pic of the week, things of interest etc. If people missed out on one of those sessions there was the ability and access to watch any of the vlogs there on Youtube. It would assist the students that could not attend which I feel was important for us in knowing why we did those videos. On the note that we did thoroughly enjoy making these videos, people who have given us feedback about them have said they were funny or very good to note down what the most important things were. We always kept things brief and summarised the majority of things so it was clear, simple and enjoyable to watch.

These reflections were not necessarily critical but they aided me in terms of remembering what sort of research I came across during the sessions. Instead of looking back at some notes, I have the fairly educational video there for myself to watch and go through all the most useful things that came up. It was a part of social media where we got the chance to share the content with the rest of the class. This was so important because we were starting a reputation and creating consistent content that people wanted to see regularly, so they liked the idea of ‘looking forward to the next one.’

Here were the ones that we did:

Picbod Vlog One

Picbod Vlog Two

Picbod Vlog Three

Picbod Vlog Four

From doing these vlogs, personally I thought they were rather beneficial to us because it enhanced our understanding and remembrance of the lecture slides, notes, things we discussed; puts them all in a bitesize piece of information that can be easily digested. Whilst creating these vlogs (which took so much time out of our day to come up with ideas and editing the video) I knew it was supporting my research methodology and improving my own ways of analysing work and making explanations.

Check them out! channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYJre5Asz-D27D8BRONGL6A