Kodak Portra 400

Having shot everything on black and white 120 film, I did consider and shot in colour (120 Kodak Portra) along the way as initially I wanted to shoot predominantly in colour. This film… Continue reading


Having researched into this archive of photographs that weren’t taken, I was inspired at how the text can mean equally as much as an image forming a resemblance of one’s memory and visualisation of a… Continue reading

Picbod – A culmination of negotiation (Images)

I shot on a 35mm point and shoot alongside both Rolleiflex 6006 (6×6 negs) and a Mamiya 7 Rangefinder (6×7 negs) Medium format cameras. This gave the book a dynamic range of images… Continue reading

Concertina (Mock and Final Book) – Exhibition Ready Statements

Concertina: ‘a small musical instrument played by stretching and squeezing a central bellows between the hands to blow air over reeds, each note being sounded by a button.’ The word concertina would usually… Continue reading

Text form of my project – Transcriptions and simple reflection of every conversations we’ve had

These were the transcriptions of each individual conversation I have had with Ahmed Amer over the period of roughly a month from understanding him and that period of life. The conversations were always… Continue reading

Picbod Vlogs

As part of mine and a fellow classmate Jonathan Bark’s research process in this module titled Picbod (Picturing the Body), throughout the whole process and weekly tasks we documented our journey in vlogs… Continue reading

Protected: Structure and Shape of the Body – Nan Goldin – Saul Leiter

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Photobook – After West Mountain (Notepad Blogpost)

A short description as to why my book is called ‘After West Mountain.’ Within many different conversations with Ahmed, the immersive tone of speech and use of various dialects gives an experience that must be… Continue reading

Picbod – After Progression

Throughout the whole process of evidencing the pieces and collecting images about this undocumented person Ahmed Amer, I have pushed to gather together everything that works and leave the things that don’t to create… Continue reading

Gerhard Richter – Self Portraits / Elinor Carucci – Closer

Gerhard Richter did these incredibly large obscure and abstract paintings. Besides his abstract pieces pictured above, he did self portraits that were really useful in my research for Picbod. He pictures the body… Continue reading